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Ratan Salve

अमोल व माझी ओळख २००८ पासूनची. माझी जन्मपत्रिका बघून त्याने काही अचूक अंदाज वर्तवले आहेत.

 माझी धनु लग्नाची पत्रिका असून दशम स्थानआतील कन्येचा बुध व्यवसायास अनुकूल आहे अन मी नक्कीच व्यवसाय करेन असे त्याचे मत होते.

नवीन नोकरी हातात नसतानाही नौकरी सोडून देण्याचा माझा विचार मी त्याला बोलून दाखविला. जून पर्यंत थांब कारण तुझे बदलाचे योग तेव्हाच आहेत हा त्याचा सल्ला मी फारसा गांभीर्याने घेतला नाही. मी माझ्याच क्षेत्रातील व्यवसायास सुरुवात केली. अमोलच्या अन्दाजाप्रमाणे जुन  २०१२ मध्ये नोकरीतील बदल दिसून आला. माझी प्रश्नकुंडली मांडून त्याने दिलेल्या ३  तारीखांपैकी १ तारीख अचूक जुळून आली. ज्योतिषशास्त्र  इतके पण अचूक असू शकते ह्यावर माझा विश्वास बसला. गुरु मीनेत आला कि माझे घर होईल असा पंतांचा अंदाज होता!  मला मात्र काही कारणामुळे तसा विश्वास नव्हता. पण माझे नशीब खरेच बलवत्तर होते. अनेक अडचणीतूनही मी घर घेतले.


Anupam Mathur
(Software Developer)

That day I won’t forget in my life when I unexpectedly lost my job and it was really difficult for me to accept. I was more worried because my marriage had been arranged and my engagement day was getting closer. I approached Amol Kale. He studied my horoscope and predicted that I would get another job in next ‘two days’. I was astonished when I received new job offer literally in two days. I want to thank to Amol Kale from bottom of my heart for his moral support through his Astrological predication.

Dinesh Lahase
(Art Director)

 I am from media profession and spiritual by nature. I did experience some problems in my early life and could not find the reason for those till I met Amol. He explained me the facts based on the past which was amazing. His urge to explain the things on account of your stars, with the happening things in your present can not be refused. I don’t feel like to go into much detail with the incidents… because problems are common, how we treat them in a right way is big deal. He predicted many things which came true. Now I treat him as my spiritual guru. I pray…may god give him more and more power to heal and guide people in future.

Raj Thadani
(Game Producer)

 I have known Amol for the last 5 years and he is a trusted advisory who has helped me through the years. He has not only given me guidance and direction about life and the way one should live it happily. His predictions have always been accurate and have helped me mould my life in the right direction. He is one of the best persons I have known who is always ready to help.

Sweta Dewangan
(Human Resources)

The 2 most important days in your LIFE are the day you were BORN and the day you find out WHY.. This question "WHY" has been hovering me and Amol has helped me get in terms with it. Few things that i was not aware of Amol made me realize and I would like to Thank him with all my heart for the wonderful insight he has provided with respect to my horoscope. With your support and guidance I am sure I will get past through all the downs :) Would like to Thank you once again. 

Kaushal Patel

 This is the first time I've written a testimony for someone and I hope you like as it's coming straight from my heart:-  

"I was introduced to Mr. Amol Kale, by my close friend and I'm thankful to God, that I got an opportunity to meet the Genius in Astrology. I had few unanswered questions hovering in my mind, for which I was desperately looking for someone to get them resolved. At times in life you come to a juncture where all you need is a direction and clarity of what is good for you. After consulting Amol I was not only touched by his insights for details, his predictions and foresight vision, but also glad to interact with a kind-hearted person. I would take this opportunity to mention that he was the first person who explained to me that few happenings in my current life have a connection with events in my past life.  Many of his resolutions have worked for me and it’s great to know that you have a person like him, with whom you can approach with your concern as a friend. Thanks Amol!!!"

Virat Kuthal
(CEO Twist Mobile)

 I have experienced Amol’s predictions to be always perfect whenever I have consulted him over various situations in the past. I would like to share an experience with you. In June 2007, I resigned from my job and decided to move out of Hyderabad. I consulted to Amol. He convinced me to be patient and not to leave job till November. As not being the right time. I rejoined the company and decided to work for next 3 to 4 month. In Nov 2007 he predicted that I will leave the town in coming 15 days for good. And it just happened the same way. I am thankful to Amol for his guidance.

Rahul Gaikwad
(CEO, Giant robot)

I have been in close company of Amol, His journey as an Astrologer comes with a big price. His constant penance to understand the basis of life structure and decoding the life purpose has been a larger part of him. Naturally this is one of the greatest reason he is a good guide. As an Astrologer he only seeks complete satisfaction of the problem that so ever comes to him. My bank account was hacked and a lac rupees were stolen from my bank, Amol predicted I will be getting my money back with a deduction around 10 K and me exactly got 88 K from the police. Many such incidents were I have taken guidance from Amol; he has taken things to detail and precision. I am thankful to have a friend and a guide like Amol. Best wishes. 


Harsha Sershiya
(Finance Manager)

 I am studying medical astrology from Amol. He is having an interesting personality, mysterious combination of professional artist, spontaneous astrologer and spiritual aspirant. Since I had heard a lot about him, and few of my friends are having some issues, I show him their horoscopes and asked his opinion, and was really amazed by the accuracy of his predictions about the past of the people whose horoscope I shared with him.

His lectures on medical astrology, explores the spirituality within. During the lecture, the way Amol decodes and simplifies the various complicated theorems of astrology is extremely incredible. It changes meaning of lot of terminologies for us and also dismisses our earlier beliefs about use of astrology. Earlier I had a very casual approach towards astrology just being a mean for some fun, but now the overall interaction gave a complete new horizon to look at the events in the life.

Prashant Dongare
(Finance Executiv)

 Amol Kale is an astrologer, an artist, a down to earth human being. I consulted him during my marriage. I asked him to study mine & my girlfriend’s horoscopes before an appointment. He explained few interpretations about me and my girlfriend which were quiet satisfying. That day we asked him about our marriage & future life. He interpreted that inspire of having many difficulties we both would definitely get married in 2012 and we both will stay together for long. Now we both are happily married since 5 months. Many thanks to Amol. It was a wonderful experience

Vinod Mandape
(Engineer )

I came in contact with Amol when I was staying in Vashi, in the year 2000. I learnt from somebody that he can foretell, based on kundali. That time I had only heard about the words like astrology and kundali. So like any other common person I was very much intrigued and urged him to prepare my kundali. I was really surprised when he predicted about me, my nature, my likes and dislikes since it were almost matching.

Though he is younger to me, I hold him in a very respectable position. For me he is like a lamp post for the lost ship. Whatever positivity I have gained in my life, I partially attribute it to him. I bless him for his future endeavours in the field of astrology

Here I would like to share a few experiences.

1) When my marriage was fixed, I approached him to prepare my to be wife’s kundali. I told him about her family background. By looking at the kundali, he could foretell that the date of birth of my to be wife was wrong since it was not matching with the family background I had described to him. Then I called back my wife and told her about this. She was also unaware about this since she never felt to cross check her date of birth (The date of birth on school leaving certificate was put different than the actual date for admission purpose). Then from hospital records, we could get the correct date of birth.

2) The other experience was when I was trying for the overseas jobs. That time I was not in contact with him. But one day his elder brother told me that he had left a message for me. When I contacted him, he told me that there could be a problem with the documents. I was surprised because I really had a very tough time preparing my documents. I felt as if he had some intuition about me.

Omkar Pansare
(Assistant Manager)
 We attended the session of BHUTA SHUDDHI on 30th July 2017. Thank you to Mr. Amol Kale who has open up complete different aspect of human body mechanism in very simple but unique way. Which will definitely help us to enhance the knowledge & improve the quality of life - human body at it best level Eagerly waiting for the upcoming session of BHUTA SHUDDHI.

Warm Regards. Omkar Pansare

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